MD's Message

Thank you for taking oppotunity to learn about the HMR Engineering. Hopefully your review of our company profile will provide a deeper understanding of our experience, organizational philosophy-as a team of builders, and history as one of the kingdom’s leading construction organizations. Our Success also embraces the deep belief that we are only one part of a broader team effort where outcomes are directly the result of how well aligned expectations are with those of the client. At HMR Engineering we place significant emphasis on assuring strong team alignment on reach project we plan and build. As the early decades of the 21st century unfold the construction industry will continue to experience a confluence of change, from the manner in which forms of information are managed and shared, to new and innovative ways of teaming, project delivery and financing... to continued acceleration in business opportunities and globel competative pressures. Increasingly success will be defiened in terms of greater flexiblity and the advancement of organizational culture and diversity, as well as excellence in sustainability, continous training, and project safety. We are optimistic about our times, the opportunities they will present and the position of our organization as a team poised to serve in manner where owners receive the best long term value for their investment, and HMR Engineering is viewed as a long term partner within the community. Hussain Muhammed Al Rifae
Managing Director